Cave Abstraction

I did some borrowing from a cave painting in southern France. The cave painter was pretty stunning, I have to say. Did this about 30,000 years ago. I pulled it up with google.



I’ve been on Metra lately and had this idea. I was also trying out watercolor board as a support for the acrylic painting. I like it, but–as with many things–it didn’t solve all my problems.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The farmer’s market has been impossible to resist these last couple of weeks. This fruit was laid out on our counter like this. That’s not really our counter, though. And the fruit has been through a post-impressionist filter of some kind. Acrylic on paper. 18 by 24.P9130046.JPG

I wish I could say this landscape is real, but it’s imaginary–although it’s based on a true story, so to speak. Acrylic on paper, 18 by 24.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A garden outside the door at an air bnb in Eugene Oregon. The garden was designed by the birds and squirrels. Everything grows in Eugene. The trick, apparently, is to remove what you don’t want.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA